Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Track Night and C25K Begins!

Just a reminder that tonight (Wednesday, May 27), we will be kicking off our Beginning Runners group at 6:15 PM at the Central Cambria High School track! Unlike previous years, to register, just stop by Up-N-Running Ebensburg (208 W. High Street). If you can't make it before tonight, come out to the track anyway, and complete the registration another time.

In addition to our new runners, we hope that our veteran EARCites will be on hand for a workout this evening. This group generally does between 2-3 miles of quality. So an EARC favorite is something like 8-12 x 300s, with a 100m recovery jog.

If you think that speed work is only for the hardcore few, you're wrong. Anyone who runs regularly (at least 3 times per week, 3 miles or more) can benefit by doing workouts. They break up your routine, improve your stride efficiency, and help improve race performances. So if you've never tried a track workout, now is your chance.

One last note... our rain policy. If there is thunder and lightening, consider track night canceled. Otherwise, running in the rain is one of the joys of the sport. So we'll be out there.

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