Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Student Veterans of America 5k

Looks like October 11 is going to be a busy day out at Saint Francis!

In addition to the Solar System 5k that starts at noon, they have the Student Veterans of America 5k at 9:00 AM. So early risers and later risers have options. Or you can just do both...

Details for the Veterans 5k are below, or you can find the registration form here. Proceeds will benefit homeless veterans.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Solar System 5K

Will Neil deGrasse Tyson run this one?

The Solar System 5k will be hosted by the Science Outreach Center at Saint Francis University on Saturday, October 11 at noon.

More information can be found at the race's Facebook page, as well as the registration form

Here is a description of the course and its cosmic design:
The course will begin on the mall in front of the Science Outreach Center. Solar 5 unifies health and natural sciences into one event. We scaled down the Solar System to five kilometers, so it is much more manageable for us to reach the boundaries of the Sun’s domain (the Solar System). We will run or walk (or stroll) from the center of the Sun to the finish line near Pluto! As we run (walk), we will learn how the Sun generates energy in its core and how we use it on Earth. We will encounter planets and their moons, cross the Asteroid and Kuiper belts, meet asteroids and comets, and learn some tips from health specialists on how to stay healthy through-out our life’s journey.